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we were together for 4 years and he broke up with me because we argued to much but i miss him so much but he wont take me back

Well this is a hard one, but it’s sad that you were together for 4 years and he’s not considering taking you back. To be honest with you there must be a reason why you two we’re arguing and the fact you ended it, look I know you must feel low and proper sad right now believe me I would too, but I think your inner git must of told you something and you obviously listened to it because then you would of ended it yes nearly every couples have their ups and downs and argue, but it’s weird that you two were so in love before all of this happened.. Come on 4 years! But it just shows that he doesn’t care sweet because he’s not considering on taking you back harsh but true, but like I said I know it’s hard but the best you can do right now is to try and take your mind of it, do something - go for a walk, read, play video games, anything but make sure you’re not thinking about it do something that takes your mind off all this, during that time if he contacts you about the relationship like he wants to get back with you then talk to him, but if he contacts you but it’s not about you and a relationship then I think you need to let it go - him and the relationship hard it sounds but I think you need to keep that in your mind, but for now do something and finally if you don’t hear from him well that will, show he doesn’t care and his true colours will be shown

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I feel so empty and weak 😣

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following back tons
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